Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deon and Jamelle: Our Storybook Wedding

Deon proposed to me on June 19th, 2008 and we were married on August 08th, 2008 (yes, the auspicious 08/08/08).  I not only was a bride with a low budget but i had at least two other major hurdles.  I had less than two months to plan our entire wedding AND everyone in Las Vegas was getting married on that date!  In case you don't know, the lucky number eight means wealth and prosperity to Asians who observe Chinese numerology.  So, all the venues and officiants were booked.

I spent the next two months figuring out how to have everything we wanted for our big day.  In the process I learned something about myself-  I loved planning weddings.  The low budget forced me to be creative.  I made our invitations and wedding programs from a kit I bought at a craft store.  We couldn't afford a florist, so we bought potted flowers as decoration and then gave them away to our guests (we had a GREEN wedding before green weddings were cool).  My favorite thing about our wedding was the venue; we were married at the public library where we met.  They had a beautiful courtyard available for $200 and nobody else was fighting to reserve it. Since we were the first couple to marry there, the local paper wrote an article about us- we were on the front page!

We also bought used books and gave those away as favors with bookmarks that said 'love' on them.  The books were 25 cents and the bookmarks were $1 at Michael's.  The only issue was my wedding dress.  I was really  disappointed when I went to local bridal shops and saw the outrageous prices for dresses; and, because it was short notice, nobody had my size and they couldn't order it in time for my wedding.  I had decided to settle for a $30 gown I found at the mall.  It was pretty but it was plain.  In the end, my mother bought my wedding dress.  It was beautiful and I felt like a princess when I wore it.  I was fortunate that my mother was able to buy it for me.

My wedding was more beautiful and memorable than I had ever imagined.  Every little detail fell into place.  Having my friends and family there to share the experience was a blessing.  It was also so much fun that I became fascinated with weddings.  Now, I'm ready to help other couples plan their big day!