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What Everybody Ought to Know About a Wedding Registry (guest blogger, Gale Harris)

A crucial part of planning a wedding is also planning for and creating a wedding registry. This is best done as early as possible. The bridal registry is extremely important if you want to avoid duplicate gifts. Starting a registry early lets your guests have enough time to choose what items they would like to give you. You may not have a comprehensive wedding registry ready early on, but make it large enough for your guests to have enough options to browse and choose.

You also need to plan what kind of registry you want and what kinds of items and products need to be a part of it. The ideal wedding registry for a young couple is one that lists household items. Such a registry is perfect for a couple starting a new life together. Let�s take a look at some of the wedding gifts that can be a part of the ideal wedding registry.


A lot of young couples can benefit from creating a kitchenware wedding registry. Having a well-equipped kitchen means you can create and share more meals together at home, entertain at home, and cook whenever you want. Kitchenware items can range from regular silverware and glassware to appliances like mixers, food processors, toasters, and coffee machines.

Home Furnishings and Linen

Equally as useful for a couple as a kitchenware registry is a home furnishing items and home linen registry that includes products like tablecloths, bedding, and bath towels. You can include items like duvet sets, bed sheets, pillows, bed skirts, and blankets. It is also a good idea to include home furnishings and home linen products like tablecloths, towels, cloth napkins, curtains, rugs, and more.

Home Decor

A wedding registry which covers home d�cor can also be a very helpful for a young couple. You can choose from furniture, decorative items and collectibles, wall pictures, photo frames, and lamps. Home d�cor that looks good and is also functional can be of great use to a couple starting a new life together.

Create your wedding registry with care and loving attention. After all, it�s for your future and can give you a wonderful start to this exciting new phase of your life!

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