Vendor Spotlight: It's a Blissful Life

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful life event.  For years, I've seen my clients chip away at their endless checklists and to-do lists, only to feel totally burned out by the end of their wedding planning journey.  They have focused on coordinating every last detail of their big day but they seem to always neglect a critical part of their lives- their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Your overall health is an important part of your wedding day.  After all, what's the point of having a "perfect" wedding if you can't enjoy it?  Trust me, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are not super-human and you can't do it all without rest, water, and good energy.  Take time to relax.  Read a good book.  and take care of yourself.  If you want to combat the chaos and create a holistic action plan, you should get in touch with my new favorite person- Kim Galliher of It's a Blissful Life.  She will help you balance your energy and find inner peace so you can enjoy your big day and have a blissful life!        

1.    Who are you?
     Kim Galliher, a Positive Lifestyle Coach and Energy Worker.  I am originally from Texas, but have lived mainly in LV since 1988 (I keep trying to escape and yet finding my way back every time).  So many things inspire me but I guess it all boils down to magic or miracles whatever you want to call it.  The things large and small that amaze me each and every day, the kindness of a stranger, having the door held open for me, the laughter of my kids, watching hummingbirds fly in place as they drink from my fountain.  

2.  What service do you provide? And/or What product do you sell?

     Spiritual & Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Work, EFT & Hypnosis. I am really focusing on my classes, events and workshops right now.  Meditation/stress reduction workshops, Intuitive Card Reading for parties and events, a variety of classes on Metaphysics and      Energy Work.  I am just in the beginnings of creating an online store that will sell products for Body, Mind & Spirit.

3.  Why did you start your business?
     I was born a helper and an energy worker and just feel that it is not only my calling but should be my vocation as well.  The world needs more people shining their light brightly.

4.  How do you offer exceptional service to your clients?
     What I do is work with people on an intimate level, energy to energy, soul to soul.  I try to make sure that the exchange and experience is real.  I try to make sure that the person is touched by what I offer them and let them know I am touched in what they offer to me as well.

5.  Self- titled: "Bad Ass Ninja Spiritual Warrior" 

6.  The last book I read: I'm currently reading Worthy by Nancy Levin

7.  My favorite dessert:  all of them!

8.  My signature Drink:  Rockstar when I need to get stuff done or water

9.  My super power:  Compassion to help others see what their missing and move on  

10.  My favorite Las Vegas attraction:  Mount Charleston

Contact Information:

Kim Galliher
It's a Blissful Life
(702) 701-6211

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