Canyon Gate Country Club

As many couples know, a wedding requires a lot of planning and coordination. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is the work that goes into officiating the wedding before the actual ceremony takes place. From setting up the ceremony and getting to know the bride and groom's love story, to writing personalized vows and gathering any necessary documents, there are many pieces that must be perfectly set in place. With all the hard work that goes into wedding officiating comes an immense feeling of joy when meeting the happy couple on their special day.

I was recently given the honor of officiating a wedding at the Canyon Gate Country Club. This location is known for its breathtaking views of the golf course and its picturesque landscape. 

From my vantage point atop the stage during the ceremony, it was truly remarkable to take in all of nature’s beauty around me.  Guests enjoyed panoramic views of the golf course- the lush greenery and rolling hills provided an idyllic backdrop for this romantic wedding.

 I felt privileged to be able to share in this special occasion with the happy couple and their families.

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Wedding Officiant:  XOXO, Jamelle
Photography:  Orange Soda Photo

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