Vendor Spotlight: Glammed Up

Say hello to the ladies of Glammed Up Las Vegas!  I first ran into them at Bridal Spectacular, they had a booth at the popular Las Vegas bridal expo.  I was completing externship hours for school and I wanted to use the opportunity to meet the cool kids in town.  Their booth at the expo instantly caught my eye, and the eye of anyone with a pulse- it was beautiful.  These two gorgeous ladies are full of personality and genuinely love what they do.  I was a vendor at the Bridal Soiree at Glitter and Grace when I met Natalie for the second time.  Our displays were next to each other and we spent the day chatting it up and talking about our lives and when it was all over I was so grateful to have met her.  If you're looking for someone to bring out the beauty in you on your wedding day- you should definitely contact this dynamic duo.           

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1.    Who are you?   Natalie Martinez and Elizabeth Garcia; We are both independent, strong mothers succeeding in our mobile hair and makeup business.  We both stay inspired by the positivity in our clients along with the gratitude that we made an impact in their lives.

2.  What service do you provide? And/or What product do you sell?  We have a mobile hair and makeup business.

3.  Why did you start your business?  We have 27 combined years of experience in the beauty industry and finally decided to venture out. 

4.  How do you offer exceptional service to your clients?  We offer exceptional service by offering an experience.  All of our clients become more like family.  We treat them all with respect and we make sure they live in the moment.

5.  Self- titled: "BOSS Ladies"

6.  The last book I read:  We read  Business Marketing together

7.  My favorite dessert:  We both love cannoli

8.  My signature Drink:  We love cosmopolitan martinis!

9.  My super power:  Making beautiful women BELIEVE they are beautiful

     10.  My favorite Las Vegas attraction:  Our favorite Las Vegas attraction is Red Rock.  It is very calming and serene.  There's nothing better than a hike to stay grounded in our busy mom lives.

Contact Information:

Natalie and Elizabeth of Glammed Up Mobile Hair and Makeup Co.