Dry Lake Bed Wedding: A is for Awesome!

When it comes to weddings, many couples dream of the big day and all the festivities that come along with it; but for some couples, a smaller affair is just as special--especially when they can share their joy with family. 

Recently, Allegra and Alexandria enjoyed a casual wedding celebration without all the fuss of a large reception. Both brides dressed simply but tastefully- Alexandria was beautiful in her classic white dress.  For dessert, they served a small wedding cake which was decorated with sprinkles and the letter "A" (their initials)- it was really cute!  The brides' family also helped set up and pour champagne to toast the happy couple! 

Guests were delighted by this intimate gathering and everyone had fun sampling the sweet treats and sipping champagne while celebrating this union.  

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Las Vegas lgbtq wedding, Las Vegas lgbtq elopement

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Wedding Officiant:  XOXO, Jamelle
Photographer:  Sharon Wai Photo
Location:  Eldorado Dry Lake Bed

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