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Are you and your fiancé writing your own wedding vows?  Have you already written them on a napkin or crumpled up sheet of paper?  Don't be those people.  DO. NOT. BE. THOSE. PEOPLE.  You've spent considerable time writing the perfect vows- you should carefully consider your presentation as well.  Vow books are a classy alternative and a purchase you won't regret.  These pocket-size keepsakes are often overlooked when making wedding plans but are an essential stationery element.  They come in many styles and can coordinate with your theme.  They can also be another opportunity for the couple to show off their individual personalities.  Many of my favorite options are available on and are handmade with love.  Featured below are vow books created by Loops and Dots-an Etsy shop.

Las Vegas wedding officiant, Las Vegas wedding planner    

  Las Vegas wedding officiant, Las Vegas wedding planner

1. Who are you?

My name is Sandra E., I'm a proud mother of three children, each one with very different interests and unique abilities and I'm also very lucky to be married to the best hubby in the world, honestly!
Together with my daughter Catherine, a Graphic Designer, we have a little shop called Loops and Dots in which we use our creativity to produce handmade books for different occasions especially Wedding Vow Books.  I have lived in Toronto, Canada for close to 30 years although I'm originally from Colombia. I have some background in Industrial Design and using Catherine's expertise, we balance each other out through the process of designing and building our creations.

2. What product do you sell?

We have several different options when it comes to Vow books, our sets always include two books, and there are a variety of designs and finishes including our best seller, the Foil books with silver or gold writing. We also offer a set, personalized with the couple's names and we are always open to accommodate custom orders.  Always searching and keeping up with the trends is one of our biggest assets as well as looking for new resources and techniques to apply to our books to benefit our growing clientele while providing competitive prices and great quality.

3. How does your product contribute to the overall aesthetic and/or functionality of a wedding?

The great thing about the Vow Books is that they are such an inexpensive detail and yet, they are very useful and an important part of the ceremony that you can keep and reminisce forever.  They are a beautiful present for any bride and groom and wont break your budget.

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Sandra Erkinger

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